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The Right to Remain Silent: Do You Have to Invoke It?

We've all heard of the "Right to Remain Silent." It is referenced in movies, TV, and in the news constantly. But, what does it actually mean? Do you have to invoke it, or is it enough to simply remain silent? In recent court cases, it was determined that simply remaining silent isn't enough. Let's watch this video to learn more about these recent rulings:

As you can see, the video makes it clear that simply remaining silent isn't enough. To learn more, simply look up the following court cases:

  • Berghuis, Warden v. Thompkins
  • Salinas v. Texas

The criminal justice system is complex. If you are involved in a criminal case, it is vital that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer to learn how the law impacts your case. And, if a loved one has been arrested, be sure to speak with a lawyer about their Right to Remain Silent, and whether or not they actually need to invoke this law in order to be effective. The right against self-incrimination is another law you need to speak with a lawyer about.

Get Help for Those in Jail

Your loved one deserves the best insight and experience as they begin their journey through the criminal justice system. Remember, the first step when you hear of someone's arrest is to call an experienced bail bondsman. They have insight and will be able to work quickly to get your loved one released. Second, find a good lawyer for your loved one, so that they will protect their future and not end up spending a lifetime in jail. Don't let them make a mistake, or say something that incriminates them. Instead, get professional help from bail bondsmen, and a criminal defense lawyer to keep them free.


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